Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No deadlines

Blogs are a very interesting media outlet.  You have no set schedual, yet your desire to create can make you fustrated.  I hoped to have a new topic and some video processed at this point, but no such luck.  In the midest of family loss, tragedy and back to school, all effort this endevor was halted.  I am posting today, which maybe evidence in shift in the tides.

The weather has begun to shift, the chill of fall, coupled with some summer warmth, makes me long for a New England Summer.  That is as short lived and snaps faster than a twig underfoot on your way to your favorite deer stand, with the thought of deer season!

Chores have been the mainstay and are winding down.  As the heeping mess in the  garage lends way to space an organization once again, I begin construction of a proper reloading bench.

stay tuned