Monday, November 16, 2015

CCW and the "wild west"syndrom

All to often where Conceald Handguns are discused, we hear people make acounts as to how it will be like the wild west.  Facts we know.  State of Ohio on expanding gun rights restoration laws, violent crime has droped.  All the way to a 44 year low.  This is becasue criminals do not know who is armed .  In the wild west we are lead to believe from movies and tv shows, that every scuffle lead to a shooting and deaths (multiple) in every town every day.  The fact is the shooting deaths averaged 1.5 per year.  That is it.  Vs the the eastern established cities that had gun free boarders and shooting deaths that averaged in the 100's per year.  In gun free zones.  imagine...all that history and the ignorance still prevails...

Friday, November 13, 2015

The State of the Union

At this point in the great American experiment of self governance.  Many of us can trace our roots back to some of the earlist settlers.  My fathers liniage arrived aboard the ship James in 1635.  A tanner by trade he made a life and set the stage for generations to follow.  Holt's fought the crown with pride, for freedom and liberty.  Holts fought the south, and took part in the underground railroad, founded schools, hospitals, librafies.  Served as elected officals and as farmers all the way to the building of the Hooverdam and the first Atomic Bomb.
I firmly believe the America we live in today, is one they would be willing to rise up against.  When cities ban guns and TOY GUNS, and people work to stifle basic liberty.  Government is about Less rule and more freedom.  Government is designed to protect freedom and liberty from being squashed.  Not to be the agent of opression.
Every election season we hear about how this election is the most important.  I believe we need a president who will undo the wrongs put in place since the 1930's where governemnt imposed arms regulations upon the people were first put in place.  Should you my neighbor want a tommy gun, good for you.  Just like any firearm, should you mis use your arms for crimes we have layers upon layers of laws to deal with you.  YOur ownershiip of arms is not regulatable.  IF you want a polaris missle or an Ohio class sub, its your right.  Government needs to stay out.
I fear we are that juncture where radical Urban elietes beliefs have permiated so deeply that we may actually loose the right to keep and bare arms.  There is only one canidate who sees the right absolute and his advisiors are in step with him.  Trump may not make moves to fully resotre the right but I believe he can be trusted to make "protective" steps (an oxymoronic statement since we are talking about indvidual right, a right however that has seen countless laws and regulations placed upon it, illegally).
While I am not asking you to vote for Trump, if you are reading this you are sports person.  You and I share arms as a one of a multitude of comon interests.  The right to Arms I hold very high in my belief system.  Yours may be lower, but present no less.  I am asking that you get out and vote, and keep your passion for arms and the Constitituion in the for front of your decision making.  It is with out freedom or liberty that we all become subjects.
So if you love your Henry Rifle, vote to keep it!