Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Merry Christmas to my best friend.  Who has been dealing with a lot.  His father gifted him a Henry 22! Early.

Just like that.  He was excited and obviously suprised and sent me the pic asap!
He is going to begin shooting this sweet little gun tonight Id imagine and with any luck hit the

Friday, December 4, 2015


Take a moment, and think about it,  and all that Cary4Life, means.

At its core Cary4Life means " I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That no one has the right to cause me harm, or those I love, or my neighbor."

As americans we the people are born free with brith rights.  Rights that no government has any right to regulate or infringe upon, by any means as they have no right expressed or impllied to do so.

No one or group of people may force you to do their bidding.  Nor bow to them and their beliefes.  A fudemental principal of respect.

Every day people in our American society start their day, with hope, love and compassion.  The wealithiest to those destitute.

Since 1936 the government of the United States of America has violated the Constitution, and the people 2nd Amendment right, via illegal laws and regualtions as to what, where, when, how many, how much, and who may bare arms.  They have neferaously portrayed arms as evil, and those who posses them as a problem.  All the while tens of thousands of lives have been lost, due fundemental infringments upon the absolute indvidual right.  The suprem court has even infringed upon this plain text, with radical opressive interpretation.

The ownership, education and baring of arms is a right, becasue they save lives.  As proven by the facts that less infringment, as in the case of Ohio.  Saves more lives and reduces violance.  Ohio, still sufering under grossly opressive infringment laws, is at a 44 year low, for gun viloance.  As criminals want to be sucessful in their activites, those of us who number nealy 1/10th the ohio population have CCW (infringment) permits.

Ohioians with CCW have not comittied "crimes".  Why?  We want to live and our families to live, and neighbors to live.  Having a CCW is all about life.  Living free and safe.

There is not one gun law that has ever saved a life.  Not one single law.  Yet billions have spent on creating constitutional viiolations, and agcienies to enforce the subversive illegal ilmoral behavior.

Call your state representives, call your federal representives.  Demand an end to the infringment laws.  Demand they support life, demand they support freedom, demand they support liberty.  Demand they uphold their solm oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

 This small 1lb 357 magnum revolver, fits in your pocket as easily as a smart phone.
this glock too
these revolvers on your hip, in your pocket, on your ankle, in a a purse.
Imagine with me for one moment...
You are delivering your child, nephew, wife, husband, sister, brother, mother, father, aunt, uncle or grandparent to the local school.  You have pulled in to the lot, sipping your coffe, laughing enjoying your morning.  They exit and enter the bulding, and as watch them disapear in the mass of children you see 3 persons exit the vehical behind you and move to the entrance of the building with guns drawn and machettes.
in that moment which would you rather have?  Your cell phone and the 7min response time, or one of the above firearms?
I do not care who are, how big or small, man or woman, straight, gay or trans.  I know youll want to save lives.  Phones do not save lives in this moment like you with your firearm can.  The life you may save, may be yours, or a loved one.

The news is sensetionalize the recent muslim terror attack in Californina.  California has most Constititional rights violations of any state.  (The Most gun laws).  They did not save a single life...again.
The media is sensationalizing that Terrorist has 2,000 rounds of amunition....2,000 rounds is a month worth amunition.  These media morons, do not shoot.  They have not a clue how much amunition an average shooter burns in a month.  Yet they speak as if they know, and falsely make acusations that x amount is alarming.  Please media do not speak and demonize something your unqualifyed to have an opinion about. 

I encourage every American to go out over the next month and purchase a life saving firearm.  The life saving devices pictured above range in price from $300- to $1000.00.  When you purchase your life saving device purchase 400 rounds of amunition, general purpose plinking ammunition, and 80 rounds of purpose built defensive amunition.  If you have never touched, or fired a firearm before, ask your local gun shop for help in getting training!  You need the equivilant of NRA basic pistol and your CCW class.  Ask the gun shops gun smith to teach you how to maintain your life saving device.  Gun owners are great people!  They will help you with enthusiam and vigor.  Shoot that babby!  at least once perweek with that 400 rounds. Keep your sessions short 25-50 rounds tops.  Practice with your unloaded firearm on malfunciton.  In time your live saving device will become as familure as google.  Join the IDPA, Join the NRA. a Henry
Give Life for Christmas, or "holiday season".  
live long, live free, live happy

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First Deer with Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum

It was a cold but not fridged day that began at 5am.  First packing my Henry Rifle in its padded ducks unlimited water proof padded case, and box of factory Winchester 240 grain jacketed soft point amunition. The night before, and my general layers of clothing.  I then managed my routine of moving kids, yes kids to activities, for sports.  Then departed and arrived on stand right at legal shooting hours.  

The wind was blowing into my face as I looked across the field at the wood lots edge, 100 yards away.  ITs the perfect vantage point for gun season.  From this my stand you can peer all the way threw the small section of wood lot that is 100 yards wide. Tracking any and all movement, where with the 444 Marlin, a caliber I would love to see Henry offer, you can with optics make a shot to the far side, on two shooting lanes that bisect the woods.

I had intended to capture video, but as one person, with out a go pro, I just couldnt do it.  
So as the story continues, this is the Doe taken with the Henry!  I sat on my stand untill 10am.  Hearing shots ring out from the far side of the woods, and other surrounding woodlots.  But not seeing a single deer.  In years past when shots are fired at the far corner of the woods, deer generally flow to this side and most often out of the center right toward this stand to bed down on the river.  Not a single one.  So being cold from the wind and not seeing any of that traffic, or deer coming from those otther near and distant woodlots. I returned to terrafirma and slowly crept acorss the frost covered field.  
Upon reaching the woods edge, I squated for a good 30 min.  Listening for any tell tail sounds of deer and for the squirls to again resuming their full bore crashing and dashing.  One last visual sweep outside the woods and I crept inside.  A good 20 yards to a down tree, where slowly sweept leaves from the ground, so I could move in silience around my seat.
I wait untill about noon.  Still nothing.  Oh the shots were still ringing out, but not so much as a glimpse from my location.  I was now warmer and more comfortable, so the big orange parka and traper hat were left slung over my tree.  I had an orange vest still as required by law that covered my sweat shirt and polar tech vest.  I began a slow and low creep to the center of the woods.  A location I have normally reserved for my bow stand.  A great high traffic are, where when yo arrive supper early you can catch the deer returning to their bedding.  
It was while standing a top a stump of a massive oak that had been harvested I made my first shot...though not at a deer.  I fired at a Coyote! Who became aware of my presence.  I made a clean kill...of an 1 1/2 wide sapling.  I now know why the deer were avoiding the area, as I seached and found its den...Ill be back and work a  varmint hunt to exact my revenge.

 Ohio, has a deer driving tradition.  Some agree with it, some do not.  Its not legal in some states, but is legal in Ohio.  Every year we drive deer.  As long you have a good comunication and posters, know how many drivers there are, and where they are, and what the safe shooting lanes are, drives are fun, and safe.  At about 1pm my good friend Gene made his way into my woods.  I joined him and the other man and we pushed our way to his adjacent woods where where we began pushing his woods to a waiting posters.  two deer came out, one went due west, eluding the posters, the other made her past me, where I got a shot off, but missed my mark in a safe lane...on a very large tree, lol, and she made her way then right to the rear gaurd and was taken.  that was it.
The drivers then went off to the North and began driving south.  I posted up in a creek on a open field leading to the woods.  A doe, my doe came running across the field.  She angled up and away after being fired at by another hunter.  I guessed she was at 100 yards to 120.  She slowed her speed and elected to take a shot, as moved at a speed far closer to a walk.  I took aim just behind her front left shoulder.  Squeezed the trigger and she summer saulted forward in a heep.  A NICE SHOOT came from my fiend Timmy, and then She put her head up, and was rocking like she was getting up.  I swung the lever forward and back chambering another round.  Rose to my feet took aim at the center of her neck and fired.  She fell to the ground where it was over.  The First deer with the Henry was taken.

(Caution this paragraph is desriptive about the bullet wounds)

Upon arriving at my doe, we could see that it was good I took her.  At some point, either the shot before mine, or earlier that day, a low shot had taken her front right foot off.  The next thing we saw was neck pass threw.  That bullet entered and took her main artery and passed out the other side leaving a fairly large exit.  The first shot, is the bullet you see above.  We looked at the entry and it crashed threw breaking two ribs, both lungs and made its way threw ribs and then oposit shoulder bone and bullet as you see it was laying on her, half in and half out of the exit.  The soft point did a fanstastic job.  The solid base drove and stayed in tacked.  The petal on the left is the only one protruding, three are folded back perfectly along the base and opened and collapsed back two look to have been floded across and over the folded back...maybe from "tumbling" on entry from the ribs or between more ribs and shoulder bone?  but by count only one pettal is off, and it was in the shoulder bone.
By any measure, my 98 football ref paces from firing point to impact is 100 yards.  The Winchester 240 grain jacketed soft point.  Listsed as good for black bear and deer, most certinly lived up to advertised ability.  
The Henry Rifle, fired and cycled perfectly, and I would strongly recomend this as a good factory amunition.  The Henry Rifle fired to my point of aim at 100 yards, straight and true with the standard sights and I was not wearing my glasses to being the front bead into perfect focus.  In time I will be using my glasses, and or adding a 1-4 leupold or Nightforce, to aid my aging eyes. 

This wildman, is Joe.  Joe maybe the number one deer slayer in this motly crew.
Joe and Buck 2015!