Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome to Lever Gun Hunter-The Henry Rifle Project

The lever action gun, is as instantly recognisable, as your favorite supper.  It is has beautiful lines.  They shoulder perfectly, and with great familurity, becoming a natural extension of your being.

Henry Big Boy Steel,
Changes across the land, are opening up opurtunities, for people, to again hunt with these classics!  These changes are long overdue.  Reversing slowly the illegal infringments placed upon hunters.  Infringments which are dictating what arms indviduals may bare in pursuit of game.  Yes, any and all regulations places on arms are infact infringments.  These gross rights violations were created by parties with no Constitutional power granted or implied to do so,  and are illegal.  What a person takes afield to puruse game is their choice. Should that person damage property, or worse.  That person is going to face a series of justifable laws.  States and state game departments, need to understand their limitations.  Now that that is out of the way, lets get back to the joys of the lever gun!

So while momentum is building and this restoration of rights is occuring we need to celebrate what we can.  I still however grimace over not having purchased the Winchester 94 Trapper 30-30.  I can not tell you how many times while in the store I held it, and how many times I just thought about it.  Well.  I missed out.  Winchester went away and while some day Ill have a 30-30 traper, it is not today.  My thoughts shifted as the laws changed to Henry.  I shot the 22's and honestly, I think my Ruger 10/22 may need to sold-traded to aquire a henry golden boy 22.  I like the ruger, do not get me wrong.  But I am now a Henry guy.

The Henry Rifle Project
This is Blog-Movie is "The Henry Rifle Project".  My goal is to create a short featurette, about shooting and hunting with a Henry.  There have been lots of tv shows about bow hunting, and my personal favorites are Jim Schocky's.  His ability to share his passion, and ability to educate about game, habitat and some of the most amazing places on earth is really only paralled by the old, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom shows of my youth.  I am not a "pro hunter" nor am I journalist or tv personality.  I am an ordinary Dad.  Who wishes he could have hunted with his grandfather up in Wisconson.  A man who had a beautiful 30-30 and Winchester rifle.  Who gave me my first BB gun!  Stiring my imagination, and helped to get my kids going with the hunting legacy.   I am going to dive into:
1. why I selected the 44  Big Boy, 
2. then take you along for some range time- acuracy out of the box with factory amunition, recoil 
3. more range time out side- looking at 75-150 yards
4. reloading
5. bullet casting
6. testing
7. more shooting
8. culminating with the 2015 Deer season
I can not promise every thing will

So you are invited and welcome to join me on this journey.  I plan on sharing my Henry and exposing others to the joys of shooting a Lever Gun.