Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 28

Work continues on the reloading station and its design and construction.  Very excited about that project and the ensuing organization that comes with it!
More shooting but the range has been largly vacant in my sessions.  Deer gun season is quickly approaching and I feel ready.
BIG NEWS- as stated early on in the blog, 44 mag was selcted for the Henry for many reasons, and that selection would lead to other future 44 mag purchases, as I maintain a caliber platform.  The long term was to have a couple rifles, and hand gun(s).  Well there is a lot of product news coming from Henry.
As mentioned early I passed on a Winchester 94 trapper
winchester 94 trapper
The trapper was awesome, the 16" barrel and light weight and handling was stupid for not purchasing one.  So Henry is exciting the masses!  offerings with case harden steel and now... wait for it...a big boy steel carbine!  At .5" longer than the trapper and offered in all big boy calibers this is a no brainer!  Henry is responding to customers and making more offerings of these must have rifles.  One drivng force is that these firearms make great multi purpose weapons and their resurgence is no accident.  The henry is force multipler and with their modest capacity (low) 10 round and under 7 in carbin, compaired to an ar
you have a survial weapon, a home defense gun, a gp hunting and plinking gun, a cowboy action gun, a truck gun.  Strong Durable and reliable.  I would like to see a spin off big boy product, a henry big boy survival rifle.  Synthetic stock, a butt stock that would hold some survival items and a removable forend, that would hold 14 rounds of amunition extra to the mag tube.  So the Carbine is the next henry on my list.

The next hand gun selection has been narrowed.  44 Mag is a tough tough hand gun to find  that meet my requirements.  I narrowed the field and was very well settled on a Ruger Alaskan.  Great choice.  I longed and have longed for the gp 100 even thinking a gp 100 in 44 mag with a 5 round mag would bad ass.  Well guess what...Im not a complete gun hobiest.  I dable here and there and follow my interests as they come.  Well dabling with learning about revolvers, I poped in on Charter arms, Taurus, colt, S&W countless times.  Today, while dabling I found, for me, the perfect mate to the big boy!
So look at this.  The Alaskan is sweet, by every measure.  Good looking, durable and quality.
it does have a 2.5" barrel is 7.6" LOA and tips the scales at 45 oz 2.8lbs unloaded.
The 2015 new revlover from Smith and wesson.  model 69
4.25" barrel, 5 round chamber,  larger at 9.7" loa and lighter at 37 oz 2.3 lbs
adjustable sight which do not look to snagy, and I am sure a fixed low profile option will be forthcoming and its about as wide as gp 100 so far easier to tote around.  Which to me, makes it a perfect pair for the big boy, for truck, bed side, hike hunt etc.  I think in nature if you find yourself needing on tap more than 5 rounds 44 hard cast 305 your really really in a one in billion situation.  Then if your big boy is on hand and you had need to transition your really in a place that well...will be your demise...  with two leged predators Id think the same as well.

329 pd

lighter at 25 oz 4" barrel it needs to be held in the stores

So have a great day.  Keep shooting and Cary4Life.
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