Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday October 1

So Henry friends its time for another update.  Yesterday October 1st I packed up and headed off to the range, to make sight adjustments.  I could not find my brass punch, but was able to stop at a local store and purchase a 3' brass rod for 5.95 and hack saw blade for 2.95.  Which I used to trim off a section of rod 3" long x 3/8".  When I arrived at my lane, I hung my deer target seen below...on the floor of the range ( I droped it while removing it and considering how busy the range was today I was not going to make a request to retrieve it.  )  So what are we looking at.  The two right body and the high flyer are the first three.  The flyer was result of me flinching when I felt the report of a 300 win mag (totaly not expecting that, nor did I see it in my scan as I walked the line) Needless to say it is right and that is where we left off.  Shooting right.
I laid the Henry down on her side ejector side up.  I then placed one end of the brass on the rear sight dove tail and taped.  Ran the target back out to 25 yards and the next four were cutting centers.

New Target and its going to be difficult to tell here but I began tweaking the fine elevation.  From Far RIGHT, I fired two keyholed, then middle just above, which as part of the Henry project and I kick myself for not having video, agh.  Was a US Marine, who was in the lane beside me and had never fired a Lever Gun.  He cut my center hole, then sent a flyer to the neck.
 Here you see his third show high dead center..  Then the two high were his buddy, who then went low left most shoulder.  Their other buddy hammered low right and in the could of smoke (very busy on the range and the venilation system was in over drive I hammered right center after another fine windage adjustment.

All in all a great day at the range!  This target was selected today becasue at the limited range of 25 yards, the deer looks like a buck at 100.  I wanted to begin adjusting from bulseyes to animal targets and this one was just perfect to prep for deer season.  Consiquently this was a mix of Mag tec and winchester.  The only issues came from short stroking by the new shooters.